BioGrowth Development provides targeted insight in sustainable land-use systems and connected value chains, for both the agricultural and the forestry sector, as well as for related and new sectors that are in development (e.g. biobased manufacturing, construction and investment).

Fast and expert answers to customer questions

By using our innovative circular life-cycle and GIS-coupled analytical approach, we can provide reliable information and expert solutions to complex value chain and due diligence questions, in a very short time. Our information is well substantiated with insightful data and graphics.

BioGrowth Development offers decision support on existing as well as on new land use systems and circular value chains . The outcomes of our analyses can support for example investors in analysing the feasibility or forecast future returns of a project. It can indicate environmental risks or possible returns in a clear and visible manner, so that smart adjustments can be made prior to starting new projects if necessary. In addition, it is possible to generate sourcing information on a global scale, for all kinds of crops and feedstocks.

Gauge your techno-economical and sustainability KPI

We can measure KPI and give insights into value chains, to promote the biobased and circular economy concerning:

  • Techno-economical performance (incl. logistics challenges)
  • Life-cycle impacts: harmful emissions, material and energy footprints in all stages
  • Circularity performance from a global systemic perspective
  • Performance in view of technical or sustainability certification


If we do it together!


With decades of experience, we strongly believe that the world would benefit from finding a symbiose between nature and people.


The benefits for both sides are not only expressed in profits but also in a sustainable future.

We do it together!

Believe us: we are no idealists, we are pragmatists! We can make it happen, if we do it together!

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In this day and age, human sustainability considerably appears to be a center stage whereby people have to inevitably take it into account in order to counterbalance global welfare.

Most people in a worldwide view commonly agree that sustainability is a prolonged ability to maximize and control the consumption of resources while consistently minimizing the adverse environmental effects and maintaining resource availability for future generation.

The term sustainability concisely depicts a basic concept of life quality, yet it divides a myriad of opinions and is rarely understood. Therefore, a model namely ‘Three Pillars of Sustainability’ is suggested by intelligentsia to explicate further both sustainability concepts and framework thereof.

People + Planet = Profit

These three pillars are forming the core value of BioGrowth Development.


Our vision is to be part of sustainable business solutions which will have an positive impact on life as we know it.


Our mission is to create value throughout the bio-products chain for all parties involved. The outcome and success should not only be measured in profits alone but also contribute to a sustainable future.

The profit is an inherent result of providing value to the people, value to the planet. In a sustainable business, profit should never exceed value, nor should it be less.