What & how

Plant growth models allow quantifying how plants (e.g. trees, shrubs, grasses, herbs, agricultural crops) develop in interaction with their environment. Using climate, soil and other environmental data – these models can estimate yield, water-use, carbon and nutrient uptake, etc, of individual plants or groups of plants.

With the help of customized analytical scripts and maps (Geographical Information System – GIS), the growth analysis can be automated and applied to a chosen region of interest such as a plot, a farm or a forest. This can be applied to the analysis of all kinds of plants at various sites on our planet.

Why (Benefits)

Predicting plant biomass development is crucial to addressing emerging challenges at the societal, economical and ecological levels , particularly in an era of global climate change. Accurate yield predictions may help farmers or land owners make informed economic and management decisions.

Forecasting of yield for crops and trees has many different benefits for multiple stakeholders ranging from the agro to forest or land owners. By predicting the exacted growth BGD can support minimizing the risks of investing in new land-use projects.

Yield forecasting can be used as a prelude to determining biomass production and carbon sequestration per tonne of crop or per hectare, therefore BGD sees this as the key factor for multiple projects of many clients.


BGD can support different stages with its yield forecasting services ranging from land owners to financial institutions or industrial companies who are using different biomass feedstock and want to ensure their feedstock availability through well-substantiated data and reliable analyses.

In short BGD yield forecasting services will be important for;

  1. Forest industry companies
  2. Agricultural companies
  3. Land use companies who likes to switch to a sustainable land-use systems
  4. Financial investors for land use projects or related to feedstock security

Are you interested to know more about what BGD can offer your company, please contact one of our experts to support you with your projects? BGD has a long track record of different projects where yield forecasting is a key element.