The ROOTS platform

ROOTS is the Business Intelligence communication platform on the agriculture and forestry market in which all mutual relationships between certificate – feedstock types and supply chain coverage are brought together and are continuously monitored.

It provides targeted insight in sustainable land-use systems and connected value chains, for both the agricultural and the forestry sector, as well as for related and new sectors that are in development (e.g. biobased manufacturing, construction and investment).

By using our innovative circular life-cycle and GIS-coupled analytical approach, we can provide reliable information and expert solutions to complex value chain and due diligence questions, in a very short time and substantiated with insightful data and graphics.

How do ROOTS works

ROOTS benefits

ROOTS provides real-time data that can result in improvements such as:

  • Establish customer trust
  • Improve operational processes
  • Foster best practice
  • Increase supply chain awareness
  • Establish better governance
  • Boost the bottom line
  • Compliance enhances consistency
  • Compliance can reduce unforced errors

How do we apply ROOTS?

  • Process-based approach (photosynthesis, ecological cycles, techno-economical processes)

  • Generic for an area or spatially explicit using GIS
  • Scalable from local, regional, country to global levels