Chain Analytics

Techno-economical, environmental, systemic and social impact studies in upstream, midstream and downstream segments of biobased value chains
Life cycle approach

Due Diligence assessments | for sound decision support

Feedstock assesment

Location for new to build wood/biomass treatment plants

Financial assesment (grants, subsidies, investment cases)

Preparing for an audit in view of certification of land-use systems, products or chains of custody

Concept Development

BioGrowth Development supports technologically advanced initiatives that we believe will lead the bio-based industry. With the biomass value chain as our starting point, we are constantly looking for the best available technology that creates added value for raw materials.

BioGrowth Development provides targeted insight in sustainable land-use systems and connected value chains.

We use theoretical models as a base for different business models.

BioGrowth Development however is a hands-on company offering a wide varaity of services ranging from sourcing biomass, and logistics towards end-use contracts.

We believe that our involvement in all aspects of the supply chain gives us the tools to generate accurate information.We therefore offer consulting services which are related to amongst others sourcing, due diligence reporting, partners search and financing.


Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) identifies, quantifies and evaluates the environmental impacts (inputs and outputs) of a product, service or activity, from cradle to grave.

That is, the environmental impacts of all phases of the product’s life are assessed, from the time materials are extracted through manufacture, transportation, storage, use, recovery, reuse and disposal.

BioGrowth Development is mapping this process from start to finish!


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LCA is a decision making tool. It acknowledges that all phases of a product’s life, from cradle to grave, have an impact on the environment and these impacts can be quantified and compared.

The primary stakeholders of LCA are industry, standards bodies, research organisations, non- government organisations and governments. Suppliers, contractors, the community, and businesses may be affected by the outcomes of and LCA.

BioGrowth Due Diligence Assessment

Are you involved in acquisitions, divestments, portfolio management or development projects? If so, how important is it to you to understand the potential environmental liabilities, costs and opportunities associated with your projects?

A very simple and effective tool that can be used to identify and mitigate your commercial risks is an BioGrowth Due Diligence (BDD) assessment.

BioGrowth Development supports you towards the right environmental decision!

The due diligence report will include an assessment of risk and recommendations on how the risks can be mitigated and managed, and it also include advice, information, concerns and come up with conclusions.

Due Diligence Environmental reports are here to stay, and they are undoubtedly going to become more important as environmental standards rise. Ensure that your due diligence process benefits from BioGrowth’s consultants who understand the full range of issues involved, and then it need not be a deal-breaker.