Carbon storage in land use systems

Unlock carbon potential!

Carbon storage in land use systems

Embark on a journey to understand and optimize carbon storage in diverse land use systems, ranging from nature and (agro)forestry to urban green areas. Dive into the possibilities for CO2-emission offset and environmental improvement.

Carbon storage in land use systems

Knowing the potential for offset of CO2– emissions allows for the design of adapted, regenerative strategies that lead to more climate-resilient and more productive land use systems. We empower landowners and managers with innovative solutions paving the way for sustainable project funding.

Our unique blend of data science, carbon market knowledge and expertise in agri and forestry sectors ensures holistic, rapid insights for global carbon storage projects. Efficiency is our hallmark, with a digital approach that significantly shortens the timeframe for accurate carbon storage calculations. By reducing manual errors through automated scripts, we guarantee precision in results, offering a competitive edge in the evolving field of carbon storage solutions. Join us in transforming landscapes and securing a greener, more sustainable future.

BioGrowth Development uses a broad range of data processing and analytical tools to quantify the potential of carbon storage in different land use systems. This can be done for plant biomass (above- and belowground organic matter, dead or alive) or the soil organic carbon content (SOC).

We offer a streamlined, stepwise support process, from identifying the potential to the implementation and continuous monitoring of carbon storage in plants, soils and bio-based products, including forecasting future growth and accumulation of carbon.

Our detailed reports offer actionable insights, guiding clients in determining optimal locations for carbon storage, estimating storage limits and assessing risks in newly developed projects. Clear maps and location assessments accompany these reports, empowering informed decision-making for sustainable land use tailored to your needs.

Our expert analyses, spanning nature, forestry, agroforestry, agriculture and urban green areas, provide a deep understanding of the relationship between carbon and ecosystem services. This knowledge is not just crucial for project certifications and carbon credit generation but also plays a vital role in shaping sustainable landscapes. 

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