maart 10, 2023

BioGrowth Development at ‘The future of bio-raw materials in the Netherlands’ event


We look back on a first successful Biomassafeiten theme day ‘The future of bio-raw materials in the Netherlands’, which was held on March 2 at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom.

The reason for this event was ‘Green Energy Day’, the day on which all green energy in the Netherlands is consumed. We have been able to run entirely on green energy for two months now, which is largely due to the use of biomass.

During this theme day, we looked at the use of bio-raw materials in a broad perspective and discussed the possibilities & challenges with each other.

The event was held at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom. A place that is an incubator where entrepreneurs, governments and knowledge institutions work on scaling up biobased and circular innovations.

At this special location, people from the business community, government and non-profit organizations gathered to attend this theme day.

Dries Vansteenkiste of BioGrowth Development gave a presentation about the sustainability and complexity of biomass.

The demand and availability were made clear on the basis of figures. Availability will increase in the Netherlands until 2050. BioGrowth’s services were also discussed and which projects they have already realized in the world.

Dries Vansteenkoste’s presentation can also be viewed here:

More information about the event can be found on the ‘Biomassafeiten’ website (in Dutch).