januari 26, 2022

Carbon storage in the chain ​​for woody biomass from the dry area of Rijkswaterstaat


The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, DG Mobility, is investigating a possible role in the National Forest Strategy (LNV). One of the components of this exploration is more insight into the carbon storage that this possible contribution can make, both in the acreage and when used in products that remove the carbon from the atmosphere for many years.

The aim of this research is to develop a methodology that makes it possible to calculate the carbon storage in the woody biomass (ie in trees) within the existing area of ​​Rijkswaterstaat and for the associated chains with product applications.

On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, BioGrowth Development BV carried out a pilot of an automated area and chain analysis. This with the aim of realizing cost savings and increased efficiency for Rijkswaterstaat. Automation and scalability of data collection, storage, analysis and reporting are essential for this.

The report made on the basis of this research allows Rijkswaterstaat to gain a very detailed insight into value chains and the potential for carbon storage in the area, as well as into raw materials and products from existing inventory data. The report is a step towards an inventory of the potential in the entire acreage and forms the basis for the construction of a decision support tool for management costs, carbon storage and biomass in the acreage, as well as for released products in various applications.

In the future, the analyzes made can be done for the entire area of ​​Rijkswaterstaat and help with various issues such as carbon storage, estimation of management costs and possible revenues from the sale of bio-based raw materials. This can lead to significant cost savings for Rijkswaterstaat and new income via carbon credits from the storage of CO₂ in the acreage and/or in products made with raw materials from its own acreage. An important advantage for Rijkswaterstaat is in particular the possibility to gain more detailed insight into the possibilities for carbon storage and to adjust the management accordingly (including through an adapted choice of tree species and optimal logging ages).

The full report can be found on the Rijkswaterstaat website.

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