Increase your carbon storage and natural capital

At BioGrowth Development we provide targeted insight in sustainable land-use systems and connected biobased value chains, for both the agricultural and the forestry sector, as well as for related and new sectors that are in development.


About BioGrowth Development

BioGrowth Development adds value through relevant insights into sustainable land-use systems and connected value chains for both traditional markets like agricultural and forestry sectors, as well as for new emerging markets like the (voluntary) carbon market and bio-based industries (e.g. biomaterials, bio-based chemicals, bio-based building and bio-based plastics).

By using our innovative circular life-cycle and GIS-coupled analytical approach, we can provide reliable information and expert solutions to the complex value chain and due diligence questions, in a very short time. Our information is well substantiated and presented with insightful data and graphics.

We can provide answers to complex issues through a wide range of services, which can be applied worldwide.