Chain Analytics

Techno-economical, environmental, systemic and social impact studies

  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream
  • End-of-Waste

Due diligence assessments

  • Feedstock assessment
  • Location for new to build wood/biomass treatment plants
  • Financial assessment (grants, subsidies, investment cases)
  • Preparing for an audit in view of certification of land-use systems, products or chains of custody

Concept Development

BioGrowth Development supports technologically advanced initiatives that we believe will lead the bio-based industry. With the biomass value chain as our starting point, we are constantly looking for the best available technology that creates added value for raw materials



  • Mass, energy and cost-benefit balances
  • Mappingoptimal logistic solutions
  • CO2 capturing potential for biomass crops/residues/ biomaterials (e.g. wood construction)
  • CO2 footprint – for each of the stages in a value chain > processing and transport
  • Mapping environmental footprints for materials
  • Mapping sustainability analysis per chain/region.


  • Forestry companies
  • Timber producing and exporting companies with forest lands
  • Biomass companies
  • Investors in future biorefineries / bioenergy plants
  • Environmental companies or agencies
  • Traders of soft commodities
  • Public organisations, governmental bodies, policy makers
  • NGO and branch organizations
1. Plantation architecture
  • Land conditions
  • Locations
2. Yield forecasting
  • Climate data
  • Species data
3. Operational planning
  • Logistical data
  • Harvest method
  • Operational data
4. Value Chain analyses
  • Financial parameters

End use:

  • Products
  • LCA metrics
  • Footprints

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