Feedstock availability and quality analysis

Biomass beyond boundaries!

Feedstock availability and quality analysis

For project developers and investors seeking clarity on feedstock availability and quality, our expertise is your compass.

Gain more insight into the quantity and quality of biomass sources and flows in your area

Utilizing advanced data science techniques and a deep understanding of plant growth, we customize methods to map diverse biomass sources globally. By combining data science techniques with a strong knowledge of plant growth processes, biomass feedstock properties (e.g. variability of moisture content, ash content and chemical composition) and conversion processes, it is possible to obtain a clear and realistic inventory of different biomass sources and flows (e.g. woody or herbaceous biomass, biomass residues from agriculture and forestry, recyclable and circular biomass, etc.).

We go beyond mere quantities, delving into the heart of biomass quality. Our analyses offer a nuanced perspective, identifying flows within the total volume that align with specific applications in bioenergy, biorefinery and biomaterial domains that are, moreover, compliant with sustainability requirements. This decision-supporting service provides a structured overview, guiding optimal location choices, legal aspects and offering intel on all stakeholders involved (landowners, harvesters, processors, distributors, etc.) in the targeted regions or sectors.

For project developers and investors, the question isn’t just about where to invest—it’s about investing safely. Our insights, presented in detailed reports, GIS maps and databases, serve as the foundation for the first assessment of secure feedstock availability for new to-build factories. We ensure a sustainable and guaranteed biomass supply, empowering decision-makers to invest with confidence.

Embark on a biomass exploration with BioGrowth Development—where data meets insight, and potential becomes reality.

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