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Insight into plant growth potential and forecasting

Plant growth models allow quantifying how plants (e.g. trees, shrubs, grasses, herbs, agricultural crops) develop in interaction with their environment. Using climate, soil and other environmental data – these models can estimate the amount of aboveground and belowground biomass as well as the amount of carbon stored in individual plants and in groups of plants.

With the help of customized analytical scripts (coupled to Geographical Information Systems – GIS), the growth analysis can be automated and applied to a chosen region of interest at plot level or in larger areas like forests, farms and other types of land use systems. The models can be customized to estimate the potential growth of all kinds of species globally and to forecast the future growth potential of new areas.

Predicting the exact growth of plants is crucial for minimizing the risks of investing in new land-use projects such as forestry and agriculture. Accurate yield predictions will help land use stakeholders make informed economic and management decisions, which may reduce costs and time for them and lead to a better selection of species that can be used in a location.

Plant growth forecasting is a prelude for determining biomass production and carbon sequestration per tonne of crop or per hectare of land use system considered.  Therefore, BioGrowth Development considers this as the key decision-support factor for the project’s implementation phase of many clients.

Monitoring of plant growth is a key factor in each stage of a land use project. Especially for carbon storage-related land use projects, continuous monitoring of the evolution of plant growth is a crucial factor for improving management to ensure continuous carbon sequestration in the soil and living biomass (plants). 

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