Preparation process for carbon standard certification

Sustainability certified!

Preparation process for carbon standard certification

Become a champion of eco-friendly land-use and biomaterial projects. Our process secures lasting carbon storage, driving positive impact on climate change.

Preparation process for carbon standard certification

Whether in forestry, agriculture, agroforestry, silvopastoral systems or through renewable materials like timber, our nature-based solutions guarantee lasting carbon removal. We specialize in quantifying carbon storage in various plant compartments, bio-based materials and Soil Organic Carbon, applying approved methodologies from renowned standards like Verra, Gold Standard, Puro Earth, and Plan Vivo. Moreover, BioGrowth Developments guides stakeholders in the development of new methodologies according to recognised standards.

Tailored for clients dedicated to environmentally sustainable land-use and biomaterial projects, our certification process focuses on regenerating ecosystem services and ensuring long-term carbon storage for impactful climate change mitigation.

Partnering with BioGrowth Development means navigating the seven stages of certification seamlessly. From feasibility studies to project documentation, until the preparation of the verification process. We guide clients in selecting the right carbon standard and methodology. Our fast-track digital approach ensures efficient progress metrics calculation, offering a solid, internationally aligned report.

Our commitment doesn’t end with certification. For projects with long lead times, spanning over a decade or more, BioGrowth Development continues support post-approval. We monitor and verify carbon additionality, acting as a mediator in the ongoing verification process through independent third-party entities.

Join us in creating certified, nature-based carbon projects that not only meet international standards but contribute significantly to a sustainable future.

Similar project certification support services are offered by BioGrowth Development to customers aiming for biomaterial certification , environmental product declarations  (EPD) and biodiversity and ecosystem services certification.

For more information regarding our solutions and services on carbon standard and other certifications, please contact our experts.


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