LCA of biobased value chains

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LCA of biobased value chains

Gain insights into a product or service’s environmental impact from creation to end-of-life consciousness with BioGrowth Development’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) services.

Insight into plant growth potential and forecasting

In a world often limited by unreliable input information, BioGrowth Development excels. Companies can significantly reduce their environmental impact by collecting and analysing external data that leverages company data. Complying with ISO 14044 standards, our approach follows a structured five-step process:

1. Define objectives and scope

2. Analyze material flows

3. Evaluate environmental impacts

4. Interpret results according to objectives

5. Study GHG emissions, resource depletion, and more

This method examines the comprehensive environmental impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle—from the extraction of essential raw materials to production, transportation, utilization, and waste management. Beyond just a calculation method, LCA serves as a foundation for sustainable development policies. The data generated becomes a valuable asset for future spin-out projects, like carbon offset by embedding carbon in biobased constructions, certification of sustainable sourcing and the manufacturing of biobased products. We delve into the expected lifespan of products, ensuring secure, long-term net carbon storage within materials.

By utilizing standardized databases (ISO 14040 to 14044) and customized GIS-coupled land use data, we deliver accurate insights into biobased value chains across sectors. Our digital, automated tools—powered by Python—facilitate a customized framework for data collection, processing and insightful metric-driven reporting.

Our profound knowledge enables us to find, structure and transform data into impactful reports with clear graphs and features. Leveraging strong automated systems, we expedite report creation, saving time and eliminating human errors. Our reports, aligned with EU regulations, empower companies to make informed choices, eliminating the risk of greenwashing. For consumers, the clarity to choose sustainable products is at their fingertips.

Embark on the path of informed sustainability with BioGrowth Development—where expertise meets innovation, shaping a greener future for products and services.

Our approach ensures a thorough understanding of the environmental impact landscape. With an integrated view of the whole supply chain, BioGrowth also stands as your ally in navigating the complexities of sustainability certification, including EPD and VCS.

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